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Terms & Conditions :

Copy Paste Job / Data Entry Jobs - Terms And Condition - Last updated 07-Feb-2018

1) NO TARGET - Minimum 1000 valid ads posting compulsory for Received Payment within 30 Days - now not applicable.

2) Each and Every Ads posting site use only 1 time multiple ads for same site not counting for payment.

3) NO Deduction - Every invalid advertisement deducts 5 Rs. Of the total earning amount - now not applicable.

4) All Posting Ads view URL copy and Paste in to Report Excel Sheet for Submit Work Report.

5) Work Report you can submit weekly or monthly.

6) Work submission Checking Report generated every monthly 10-15 days.

7) Payment issued after Check all Valid Ads Posting successfully in one month period [Project start date – next 30 days]

8) Join Fees Now Refundable - From Joining Date - Member must submit 6 Project successfully. 6 Work Project Continuously Submitted members only applicable for Refund.

9) Online Works India reserve right for terminating membership without notice. Wrong behavior; do not follow rules & guidelines, no reporting within the time etc. reasons.