April 25, 2024

Working from home is a rewarding concept, but it is as fleeting as any other job. In fact, working from home has the least amount of job security, because the work is contingent on clients. Finding the work is easy through sites such as Upwork. However, when we find that perfect client who pays on time and has continuous work, we want to keep him or her. Here’s how you’ll keep your best clients, guaranteeing job security no matter where you’re located.

Stay in Contact

Being easy to reach is essential for client retention. If the client can’t find you, he or she will quickly turn to someone who can be found. Make sure to turn on email notifications for your mobile devices and share as much information as possible with the client. Some clients prefer to text while still others prefer Skype. Ask new clients for preferences, and make yourself available across a range of media. Furthermore, take the time, once in a while, to gain feedback from your client as to how you are performing and areas for improvement. Open dialogue is key to keeping a good working relationship.

Be Transparent

Clients appreciate open communication. If you have to attend your grandmother’s birthday party, tell your client that you will not be available during those hours. If you are going on vacation, make sure the client knows. While it is important to make yourself available, it is also important to let the client know when you will not be able to be reached. Never keep a client guessing.

Give Clients Dedicated Time

Some clients call at all hours night and day. These clients typically don’t mind background noise. However, if you have a client who wants to plan meetings, he or she expects no distractions. The time you set aside with this client for a meeting is expected to be dedicated time for work purposes. Find a quiet space with no interruptions to keep this client happy. You’ll look more professional and the client will trust that you are dedicated to their project.

Consider Retainer Contracts

These contracts are terrific opportunities to keep a stream of revenue going from the client. A retainer contract keeps you with the company for future projects, such as maintenance of a website or future blogging opportunities. If a client signs this contract, he or she is happy with your work and looks forward to working with you again. Present the contract in the middle of a project where the client expresses appreciation to increase the chance of the client agreeing to sign on with you for the future.